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New city HQ for charity Stewardship

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Conference Centre for Pharmaceutical Corporation

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Modernist reworking of '50s residence


Alium Design is an award-winning architectural interiors practice formed in 2004. We work extensively throughout the UK. We design exceptional interiors for organisations that share our passion for good design and appreciate its value and benefits. The majority of our clients continue to work with us for many years after our first meeting.

We are knowledgeable.
Acting independently and impartially.
We are professional and insightful.

We are collaborative. 
We work with our clients.
On their side and realising their objectives.

We are different.
Challenging clients to think in a different way.
Delivering results beyond expectation.  

We are accountable. 
Capable of delivering what we design.
Within the cost and timescales advised.

We are designers. 
Providing solutions to technical problems.
Doing so with flare and passion.


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What’s your brief?

Each brief is unique in its detail, but projects can fall into broad categories. Take a look and see if any of these match what you're considering...

The Right Move

Feasibility – we love it. The strategic stuff. Should you move or can we make your existing space work harder for you? What are the likely costs and timescales? What are the alternatives? Will you fit (now and in 5 years). Are the services adequate? Could you sub-let? Will you get Planning permission? Design Consultants – the clues in our name. 

Consultancy services

New place, new space

Let us make it work for you. Problem solving has never looked better. We design fantastic working and living environments. We design offices, labs, conference spaces, retail, hotels, teaching facilities, bars, health-care, homes, restaurants, manufacturing and R&D facilities, need we go on – we will ensure your new environment exceeds your expectations.

Space Planning services

Handle everything!

We don’t have to (every client is different) but we can. From that initial feasibility that we like so much to arranging and planning your physical move. Even moving heavy equipment on to a specially reinforced lab floor. If you don’t have someone that can look after that - we do. We project manage. We take responsibility. We work for you.

Design & Build services

Project Management services

Work smarter

Things have changed. They always do! The important thing is to notice. People live and work differently to how they used to. Technologies and design can accommodate and encourage this. We won’t claim to make you more productive – but by making your team more efficient, happy and collaborative we can give them the tools to be so. Well working – is it working well or being well at work. Done right – both. Be prepared to be challenged by us and maybe even work differently. 

Space Planning services

Just furniture

There’s no just about it. From making sure your posture is right to promoting team-work and cooperation, furniture is integral to any major project. Sometimes it is the project. We have access to some of the most cutting edge, functional, cost-effective and beautiful product ranges in existence. Being designers and architects we can help select the right furniture for your buildings functionality, period and décor.

Furniture services


If you are happy with what you’ve got or where it is but want more of it then let us look at your options. There are always options. Up, down or out the side, we will work with you to find the right solution.  

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‘Operation Weekend’

You might be surprised what can be achieved in those 48 hours (or 62 hours if you want to really push it) between the end of Friday and start of Monday. When the working day wasn’t an option we have installed air-con, re-planned departments, built offices, removed meeting rooms, installed video conferencing suites, in fact pretty much anything is possible

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Project Management



Just what it says on the tin. So you’re not moving or extending but something has to give. There can be a million reasons for this and a million things to address. It usually starts however with your surroundings looking a bit tired. We can do something about that.  

Design services